Christmas is almost here



Oh my goodness just where has the time gone, Christmas is almost here and there’s just so much to do as well as trying to run the business and get christmas orders out on time, there’s all the joyous present buying, wrapping, card writing and meal planning.  I am however VERY lucky on the food front as I have the most amazing other half who just loves to cook 🙂  In fact he’s started his very own food blog to chronicle his many amazing recipes that we’ve been treated to over the last few years so I thought I’d take the chance to share his blog with you all AND my most favourite treat of the moment that he makes a few times a week.. Be warned it is rather addictive stuff 🙂



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  1. notthatmrt says:

    I have to thank Kim at BlahBlahMe for the help she gave me in setting up my site and blog, plus keeping me sane during these made times!

    Catch me at

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