Making Money Online: The 4 types of blog – which one do you need?

This is going to be an invaluable resource for anyone starting out in business online, launched this coming friday

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Making Money Online by Antonia Chitty and Erica DouglasAntonia Chitty and Erica Douglas have teamed up to write Making Money Online, a guide which takes you step by step through the process of building an online profile, finding fans, creating products and making sales. From the basics of getting started, through deciding what to specialize in, to finding and keeping followers, you will find inspiring case studies and useful resources in every chapter.

Antonia Chitty is an award winning entrepreneur and author. She started blogging at in 2007 which lead to a successful business. Erica Douglas is one of the UK’s leading parenting bloggers. She writes on life and parenting at Over the last few years Erica has made the journey from mum blogger to business owner. She founded the Mum Blogger eCourse which has helped over 1,000 mums start or improve their blogs. Erica and Antonia provide flexible and affordable training through ACEInspire

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