BlahBlahMe gets blogging


Well it’s long overdue for me to get organised and get blogging 🙂 

Basically I set up BlahBlahMe initially on Facebook because owning my own business already I’ve used Facebook quite extensively to spread the word about my company and then I moved into Tweeting both for the business and personally and most recently Pinterest came along and I am well and truly hooked.   I decided that it would be a great idea to have somewhere that lots of different businesses could come and promote their products or services and so Facebook BlahBlahMe!/groups/blahblahme/ was born .  I avidly promote the group around forums and for sale boards and the membership and activity is steadily growing and we now have a diverse set of businesses contributing.  It’s perfect for coming and telling people about product launches or any special offers/discounts you may have running or maybe you’ve started a brand new service and want to reah a wider audience.  Feel free to come and join the group anytime and join in…..

Pinterest and Twitter are essential tools for marketing your business, free advertising and promotion for just a few hours work, what more could you ask for !!!   I’ll be writing a seperate article about Pinterest with a guide on getting started and some hints and tips about promoting yourself.  If you enjoy browsing for new ideas and products you will just love it, just think of a few specific subjects that really interest you and start building your boards. To give you an idea of what Pinterest is all about here’s a link to mine and don’t forget to look out for the Pinterest getting started guide. 


About blahblahmeuk

Helping you blahblah you business across the Social Media Platforms
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